Highcliffe C 0.5 – 3.5 Poole C

Poole C team won again last night, this time against Highcliffe. Having arrived at Highcliffe before our competitors, Tim consulted ChatGPT to ask what opening to play. Unfortunately (or fortunately) his opponent did not turn up, so for a change it was not a 4 hour marathon for Tim’s game.

Ellis then quickly got into a won position with a pawn storm against his opponent. While Ellis’ game was still in progress, Zander took a grandmaster draw.

Ellis then finished off his opponent so the match was won with 2.5 points to Poole. Having not scored well for the team this season I wanted to redeem myself a bit, and soldiered on to create complexity in a position where both kings were exposed. I was rewarded with a mistake from my opponent which left me with a mate in 8 moves, fortunately one that was easy to find! So a 3.5 to 0.5 win for Poole.

Further good news is that our rivals for the league, Ringwood, lost last night, so we now have 2 points in hand with 2 matches to play. Last match will be Monday 8th May at home against Ringwood, so I will be expecting a crowd to cheer the team on!

March 28, 2023