Highcliffe A 2 Poole A 2 – Division 1 – 8/10/18

The up and coming Highcliffe A team justified their early season promise when they gave our A team and early season fright and a very tough match. Grades what grades? we out graded them considerably on all boards but we found our selves on the back foot for most of the evening.

John playing Board 3 in the A team for the first timeĀ  finished first with a defeat which was a shame. His position was messy after the opening and he seemed to recover to equality, however his two knights became entangled on the K side, one went and that was enough 0-1.

David playing Board 4 also had a slightly defensive position but seemed generally under control despite facing pressure through the D and E files, exchanged pieces and ended up a B vs 2 pawns – Rob Halse had offered the draw but David played for the win. It progressed to a dissolution and both players agreed the draw. 1/2 – 1/2 but still 1 down overall.

Martin playing Board 1 had a good game against Paul Kemp (ex- Southbourne) and finished off in style by checkmating his opponent with an overwhelming K side attack. Martin was critical of his over deliverance after the game but believe me it was an excellent finish and very much needed. 1-0 so all square in the match.

In the final game Mike playing the strong Colin Westrap also had a messy opening but kept the position fluid. His pieces were slightly unconnected but there was day light in the position if he could get achieve movement and space. The clock was going close to the time control for both so a draw was agreed by Mike and Colin to tie the game and the match.

I think it was a fair result on the night but congratulations to Highcliffe in pushing us close and well done team for fighting very hard, hanging in there to achieve the draw. I think we could have more comfortable nights during the season.

View from the terraces, but its easy when you are watching!




October 9, 2018