Highcliffe 2 – 2 Poole Knights

We trekked across to Highcliffe, got within sight of the sea when we ran into our Dorset league team. Double trouble, two Poole teams hoping to plunder Highcliffe of their points. While the top team took the downstairs room, the youngsters took upstairs.

Matthew marked his return with some excellent attacking play. His opponent was playing his first game and gave an excellent account of himself. A good game and well done to Matthew for an excellent start to the season.

Jonathan was playing his first league game and brought his usual attacking style into the match, passing up material for attacking options on multiple occasions. It went down to a bishop and rook vs knight and rook. Jonathan managed to use the Knight well to guard the pawn to the end before emptying the Queening square and promoting. The game ended shortly after. What more can you ask for from the first game for the team.

Zack was back, back came Zack, guess who’s back, yup, Zack is back. He was up again the very experienced David Pawley. Despite going a knight down, his defence was excellent and forced him to work for every inch. Unfortunately a blunder in the end game ended the game, but it was a strong showing.

Paul was today’s adult on top board. He was playing a very tight game which looked very difficult to call. It came down to fine margins and a passed pawn was pushed past plausible prevention. Paul postulated that perhaps that particular pawn posed potentially precarious postulations precluding proceedings (he couldn’t stop it and lost).

Thank you to Highcliffe got being excellent hosts and to all the players for an excellent match.

October 14, 2019