Grading for 19/10 – Gremlins in the ECF system

Thanks to Graham for advising details and narrative of the ECF Grading system.

Further to this I thought it would be useful to advise the effect of the ‘gremlins’ in the system.

ECF have doubled up on league BDCL league fixture results from September to December 2018 and these will need to be reversed. It should only affect players grades that have won or lost numbers of games and should only have a marginal difference of 1-5 points. If you have broadly had a 50/50 score then you will not be affected. If you have won games i.e.  4 in this period your grade currently shows an effect of 8 games won (doubled up). This also applies to the opposite effect.

Phil Wallace our grading officer hopes ECF will have this resolved by the start of the season.


August 8, 2019