With our C team match vs Wimborne C and the re-arranged match for the A team it was a case of get your tickets here to see the action on the evening.

So on to the big boys match of the evening Southbourne arrived with a under grade team matching us going for glory and gaining a well deserved draw, but wow, it was close and in the last moments all 3 results were possible.

On Bd 1 Mike playing Russell the position looked very even after 11 moves and I am not sure if either wanted an early night but both players looked up and shook hands – an agreed draw.

Meanwhile on Bd 3 Jamie Doyle (Under 16) was giving Martin  O’Neill a really good run for his money. Fresh from coming 3rd in the British under 16 championships at the weekend  Jamie was a pawn up however Martin had a advanced pawn on the 7th rank and managed to get his Q to an attacking position, gave the pawn up to win 2 pawns on the Q side and the board was back to all square. Hands were shaken and another draw was a fair result.

In the meantime Chip was having a torrid time holding on to a losing position against Lenny who had 2 pawns driving through on the K side. From my perspective Lenny had a clear winning position and maybe missed  a couple of chances to finish off.  Somehow, well beyond me, Chip managed to hang on and on  and in one moment positioned his rooks in an attacking position but then succumbed to time control and conceded at the end. 2-1 Southbourne.

Martin Matachek playing his 1st match of the season thanks to some strategic baby minding from his mother -in law (so he advised) played Jon Catchpole. Both players  were playing very  tactically with  not a lot going on and very little bloodshed for a long time but once Chip had lost MM realised the win was necessary to secure the draw. He  managed to trap his opponents bishop and Jon succumbed to defeat in a close game. So 2-2 overall.

We were happy with the draw despite out – grading Southbourne and I think they were delighted with the draw. So, a fair result and high drama in a  packed house and really nice to see our all chess colleagues from both Southbourne and Wimborne.

Well done all for providing a great night’s chess – this is what it all about!

November 21, 2021