Friday’s fireworks at Southbourne as our E team record their 1st win of the season

On a quiet night at Southbourne our electic E team recorded an excellent win to get their season moving.

In a re arranged line up with Christine and Seth unavailable evergreen Chris A and Ted Paul (14 years old)  stepped in to partner Krzysztof and Tony to form a team that originated from far afield as Dorchester to Gadansk in Poland.

On Bd 2 Ted’s won Chris Lane’s Queen and effectively the game was over so well done Ted who recorded his 1st win for our club and we are all delighted. Many thanks to Rachel for bringing Ted 50 plus miles to play for us. 1-0

Over on Bd 4 our amiable friend Tim Mcullagh now playing for Southbourne assisted our cause by dropping a piece and the rest was history. Well done Tony and hard luck Tim who will have better nights. 2-0.

This is going well for the away team and so Chris A coming of the back of 2/2 this week did the sensible thing and agreed a draw against Paul Sandy. 2 1/2 – 1/2.

On Bd 1 the improving David Arorash was giving Krzysztof a tough game and the game looked like a draw until K lost a pawn to go a rook and 4 pawns vs rook and 5 pawns so elimination took place. We know 5 beats 4, 4 beats 3, etc and so David went on to record the win.

Final score Southbourne D 1 1/2 – Poole E 2 1/5.

Special mention for Chris A who represented 3 teams this week and recorded 2.5/3 against tough opposition to regain grading points and all, well done.

Many thanks to the team for making the effort to come and turn the evening into Fireworks Friday!


November 3, 2018