First C team for 17/18 end in defeat for Poole

Poole C vs Southbourne C 21/9/17 — Division 3
result 0.5/3.5 win for Southbourne

In our first match of the season we played a very strong Southbourne C team whom were relegated from Divison 2 last season and were out graded by circa 100 points over the 4 boards.

Only Mike Rutter playing on board 3 against Michael Litchfield scored 0.5 scored for Poole.

Match score
Simon Fox 0 Brian Curran 1
Simon Patterson 0 Lenny Laker 1
Mike Rutter 0.5 Michael Litchfield 0.5
David Burt 0 David Bryant 1

Sure they were will be hard games coming up but this Southbourne C team should be favourites to return to Div 2

September 25, 2017