Final Dorset League Match of the Season vs Bridport – 18/5/17

Poole 4 – 0 Bridport – a resounding win in our Final match of the season to cap off an excellent season winning Division 2 in grand style. Success breeds success and with no one looking over our shoulders this was another enjoyable evening for Poole.

Richie playing on Board 4 making his debut in his first season had a smashing game. He won a piece early on, getting control of the centre of the board with bishops casting a dark shadow over his opponent’s King. His strong pieces managed to break through and seal the win in with ease, superb.
His opponent out graded him by 30 points!

David (Board 1) playing W. Adaway (168) was looking and feeling tired found some energy on the board by breaking through on the King side sacrificing his Queen and mating his opponent in grand fashion. This was a superb classic mate and shows what can be done with creativity and confidence. Well done David, is this Division 2 I ask myself?

So 2 up and coasting, would Hiru (Board 3) and Sergiu (Board 2) take a draw to conclude the victory… not a chance, they were hungry and their reward was not far off so the games carried on.

Hiru had control of the centre with Q & R conducting the orchestra and Paul Brackner not only succumbed to this pressure , he ran out of time! Shame but he was fighting a lost cause over the board also.

Sergiu (160) had a tough opponent in T. Lundin (156) and in a tense and exciting rook and pawn endgame managed to break through on the Q side to collect this well deserved win. It was so nice to see his opponent congratulate him with huge respect in this very tough win.

So 4-0 and well done to David,Sergiu, Hiru in his last match at Poole and especially to our up and coming Richie. It was nice to see Bridport supported by Malcolm Steevens the club captain and thanks to Bridport coming over to play the game in the a convivial spirit.

Take a well deserved rest now Poole, and look forward to next season.

May 19, 2017