F for Fearless team heavily out graded beat Purbeck 3-1

On a very good night of chess our F team pulled out a sterling performance to win their 2nd
successive match on the road.

Average grades for Purbeck = 104
Average grades for Poole = 74.25

Board 1 a strong Jeremy Beling grade 130 had a comfortable opening and quickly drove into David Lockwood’s defence, wasted no time in a knight fork that allowed both players to shake hands without further ado. 1-0 Purbeck

Over on Board 4 – Paul Trowbridge brought in by Chris from the bench must have heard the cry in need and got into a winning position against Brian Beard and and in no time after this superior position managed to break through and before you could say checkmate it was all over and 1-1

Next on Board 3 – Derek Chapman also being called from the bench for this game must have our smelt our winning vibes and got into a long diagonal control with his opponent’s K hopelessly unarmed in the corner. The end was nigh and managed to break through and mate his opponent –
a good example of mature experienced play from our two reborn players on boards 3 and 4.

So with the score at 2-1 the tension mounted and Seth our quiet assassin from Oklahoma
on Board 2 had advantage on the D file but playing against his opponent with a grade of 120 took the game by the proverbial and found a way to separate the White pieces from the defence and found the weak defensive squares to completely take the advantage. The clock was ticking with at least 12- 14 eyes bearing down on the board and when Seth was told he only needed a draw he whipped up the pace and break through to finish off his opponent. I think all were relieved as the pain was over for Purbeck and this was a fine win and a strong finish by Seth.
He is favourite to win the league’s trophy for best performance in Division 4, superb.

The final score was 3-1 and it bodes well for all that played and for the future. As always Purbeck were very hospitable and sporting.

It was a priviage to watch some of this chess and just goes to show again – grades what’s grades!
From your roving reporter.

April 4, 2017