Dorset League Vs Wimborne

And suddenly the season is upon us.

Quick phone calls to Dragi, Simon P, Chris R and Tony showed they were all sitting on a beach in the Caribbean sipping cocktails and making the most of the summer break. Upon hearing the season was back they jumped on their jet skis and shot across to Wimborne.

After cruising up to Merley, past a very confused police officer who was wondering why 4 jet skis were travelling through Wimborne, they rocked up to the venue, discarding their cocktails, and sat at their boards.

Dragi was still feeling the effects of the wind in his hair and only managed a draw. Only! Still time to get into full flow, but a solid start.

Solid Simon P solidified the situation with a solid win.

Now onto the lower order, where both remaining players were out graded.

Chris R had a good position in a fairly even match, but with castling on different sides, her opponent Graham managed to snap up a Pawn with a Knight sacrifice. Chris didn’t accept this as it would lead to disaster, but the damage was done and the defenses were torn open for Wimborne to grab a point back.

Final game was going right to the wire. 1.5 points each so far. Tony (103) against Sepp (113).

Tony had a good game and was two Pawns up. Unfortunately he was also running low on time. Instead of running the risk of losing it all, a good draw was agreed.

A good result on the first game of the season. Well done all!

September 30, 2018