Dorset League – Poole A 2.5/1.5 Dorchester

Poole A kept on the heels of Highcliffe beating a 3 man Dorchester team. In this re-arranged fixture it was a little disappointing our colleagues turned up with a player short. Thanks to Richie for standing in for Chip and hanging around for the evening with a little added tension not knowing if the opponent is going to arrive.

So, it was an uphill battle for the away team and the addition of being out graded but they put up a good fight and all boards.

Mike (Duggs) renewing his battle with  Mike (Wadds) had a slight advantage in a tenuous position but there was danger so it could have gone either way – Mike (Wadds) accepted the offer of a draw and it was 1.5/.5.

Meanwhile Richard playing Graham Potter lost an exchange in a semi end game with few pieces remaining but captured a pawn and as there was not enough another draw was agreed.

Much clever analysis followed but its always wise after the event and all were happy with this result. so 2.0/1.0.

The final game in progress was John whom had a fluid and interesting game against David Hardie looking immaculate as always with his colourful bow-tie thought a long time before offering a draw for the team. John had a superior position and could have gone on too force something much later on, but David was happy given the circumstances to accept the draw.

Match result 2.5/1.5 – message for all teams –  3 into 4 is very tough and almost impossible

Nice as  always to have the match played in good spirits and onwards and upwards.

January 31, 2020