Dorset League – Dorchester 1 – 3 Poole B

<light hearted Dorset League div 3 introduction left to readers imagination>

Having succeeded in preventing his opponent from castling Chris A’s opponent responded with an attack of his own in response to Chris attempts to open the game. <Insert your own joke to wind up Chris here> In the end Chris agreed to a draw seeing Boards 1and 2 looked promising.

Dragi missed an opportunity with a tactic to win a piece but still escaped a pawn from a nice position and converted in a thematic King and pawn ending. Overworked King! <Imagine a note about Dragi being overworked, coming straight from work> But a win for Poole.

Simon P’s pawn structure was shaky but he had compensation with the only Bishop on the board and ended up with an even position beginning to open up favouring him. A draw was agreed which helped solidify Poole’s position.
Richie played an open Sicilian and fortunately retained control of d5 and eventually won d6 allowing tactics to win a piece. A couple of nonchalant Rook moves allowed his opponent a little too much Counterclaim with a passed rook pawn, but Richie was just in time to control the Queening square and force resignation. Richie working up a sweat over the board…or that may have just been from navigating Bournemouth.
3-1 to Poole, great first game!
<witty end remarks signing off with charm and panache>

October 26, 2017