Dorset League Division 3 – 8/2/18 – Poole B 4 – 0 Purbeck B

Poole B coming into the game with the confidence of a winning team continued this fine run with another victory to claim the fifth win of the season. The score does not reflect the hard earned victory gained by all players and the best possible resistance from our friends from over the water from Purbeck.

Dragi giving his opponent Nicolas Stout a 15 minute start which showed from the opening as no advantage was made. Indeed when your truly looked over Dragi was a pawn behind with little or no advantage. It all seemed tight with not much going on for the home team. However having tied up the Q side an attack was made on the K side and all seemed to crumble. Dragi finished in good style and allowed enough time for a smoke outside and swift beverage from our hosts at theLegion! 1-0

Richie promised to play one of my favourites the Benoni which sometimes can seem a little slow but has a good counter once all pieces are developed and leads to all things winning. Sure enough, the centre was all tied up which allowed the F pawn to march down the board create an attack on the bishop and open out the K side pawn defence to such an extent all mating possibilities were evident. Derek Mount ‘s heat beat ticked faster and he succumbed to the quick exit which reduced the paid. Well done Richie, good stuff, so 2-0.

I did advise both Adam on Bd 4 and Simon on Bd 2 the score, however both players were out for individual blood and both went on to win. So overall 4-0, but the games were much harder than the score suggests. I did feel sympathy for the Purbeck team whom seem to play really good chess but at the moment cannot get the points. Sure this will turn around very soon.

Congratulations to our B team whom are now 4 points ahead in the league at the half way point but all to play for.

February 9, 2018