Dorset League Div 3 – Poole B make it 3/3 at Wimborne

Playing a good Wimborne C team with gradings about even Poole B narrowly crossed the line with a 2.5/1.5 win.

The view from the terraces was obstructed from yours truly as I had to concentrate on Bd 3.

So on Bd 4 Tim playing against Mike Davison  had a clear material advantage but must have heard the call from above and offered his opponent a draw, words from Tim.

I had the black pieces and quickly equalised. While white focused on securing the King’s safety but castling early does not always correct, especially when black is trying to open you up! These attacking threats allowed Black to gain an advantage and when White lifted his rook to defend his h-pawn tactical motifs presented themselves. White (Tim) exploited a nice pin on the queen. Faced with losing the exchange rook for bishop. Mike interestingly chose to swap his knight for a pawn. White thought it was Christmas again and after carefully checking for tactical shots duly took the gift. Advantage secured and a piece up. I then played his own surprising motif – ‘The Irish Gift’ by offering a draw in a winning position. This was immediately accepted by Mike. 0.5 – 0.5.

Words from Tim McCullagh.

So 0-5/0.5 and whilst the boys went to pop up the bar up yours truly was playing an old foe John Bowley on  Bd 3 with the white pieces. John chose to play the Alehkine and with all the central pawns lined up Black struggled to get any space. Black castled Q side which may have been inaccurate as it gave an opportunity to attack down the middle but both knights were strangled on the Q side and this tactic was easily controlled. The white pawns attacked the knights on C4/5 D5/6 and eventually black lost a pawn on A7 and a Rook for knight. White continued down the A file and all was lost on move 26. Hard luck John, sure you will be back for revenge next time.

So 1.5/0.5 and looking good until Dragi had a couple of non Dragi moves and went a piece down but had compensation through the middle with connected pawns. Enough for both players to shake hands and agree the draw and thus made the overall score 2.0/1.5.

Finally all the eyes were on Bd 2 where Simon Patterson who was having a comfortable game against Tim Joyce who can be very dangerous. It got to a endgame with rook and three pawns each and Kings fighting it out in central positions and tension did increase as the stakes were raised especially when Tim seemed to gain a pawn after swapping off. But wait a minute our Simon knows the game and it was a pawn on H4/5 with the King sitting in front and knew the tactic very well by just marshalling the K opposite the other K and all was achieved when Tim agreed the draw.

The match finished 2.5/1.5 and well deserved so I congratulate the team on this success. On  another day it could have easily  been  reversed and Wimborne as always offered great hospitality (we do miss the scout hut – Akela?) .

On a winning note this win was dedicated to our B team captain Tarik who got engaged last Saturday – congratulations Mr Tarik.

January 19, 2018