Dorchester D 1 – 3 Poole B

The hike was worth it as Poole gathered in Dorchester for the Dorset league div 3 penultimate game of the season. A mixed season so far, but possibilities.

The match saw a blatant display of favouritism under the guise of maths as Richie and Dragi get another game, and Paul gets another game – all players excellent value for their grade.

In my game against Ted, it started with him pinning my knight against queen, but that left BxPf7+ and then picking up the bishop. This trapped the king in an open centre and the pressure grew throughout the game to a win for Poole. It was well battled but the king left the defensive position too tied up to hold on.

Paul played a solid game and hit the endgame battling against two passed pawns protected by two rooms. Paul managed to trap a rook in the corner forcing his opponent to give up the pawns or rook. This then went to a pawn ending and a draw. An excellent result.

Dragi was playing a very solid game, his opponent tried to force an attack but it was defended with the stubbornness of a brick wall, and with the brick wall slowly closing in, the metaphor well and truly broke down. Dragi also converted the win.

Richie had a lot of pressure on his opponent, but couldn’t find anything decisive. If the team needed a win, I’m sure he would have found something, but with the game already won he let us all get home for a well earned early night.

Well done team, a good run in the division for the final game next week.

Thank you to Dorchester for excellent matches and having a venue with a bar.


Dorchester D 1 – 3 Poole B

May 9, 2019