Division 4 – Poole D go down 1-3 in a tight match at Bournemouth


Thank you Paul Errington and Bournemouth C for last night’s match.

On board two, looking at the the final position, Tony’s queen was defending a bishop and a rook. Paul found the tactic to win the bishop with tempo on the queen which would result in losing the rook I believe, and with that Tony resigned. Well done Paul. 1-0.

Board 3 ended in a draw. Unfortunately, I cannot comment here as I was so wrapped up in my own match. Good game Mike and Andrew. 1.5 – 0.5.

I was playing on Board 4 which was eventually played out to a draw. Move 34, Paul Bland was a pawn up, but down on time and offered a draw. Seeing the position, Paul had a slight edge and I happily accepted the draw. Good game Paul. 2-1.

Board 1 finished last, and from what Kzrystof told me afterwards, and Paul himself eluded to, Paolo wont be playing on the C team much longer as his rating is going to shoot up.
Perhaps under graded, Paolo certainly gave Kzrystof a tough match.

The game ended when Paolo found a strong sequence of moves against an exposed king. The game winning blow came with a rook check, the f pawn unable to take as it was pinned and Krzysztof’s king was trapped. Krzysztof’s only legal move on the board was to take the rook with his queen, but decided enough was enough and resigned. Hard luck Krzysztof, well done Paolo and Bournemouth. 3-1.

A deserved win for Bournemouth. Thank you.




December 8, 2021