Division 1 – Southbourne B vs Poole A 17/11/17

It is a Friday night and it is chess so it must be a visit to Southbourne. Their B team are playing very well and currently are top of League 1 being chased by Poole A whom have a game in hand, it going to be tough.

David (Fuller) is unavailable so Martin Machacek (192) steps in – handy.

Poole are focused and it occurs to your truly how international the teams are. Czech, Spain, Slovenia and of course from Southbourne Polish – 5 from 8 are non UK, interesting and a great reflection of chess culture.

I include an extract of games from some of our players.

Martin said…my game was a slight plus for me until my opponent chose to play slow nothing moves and my reply was a shocker that gave me an immediate material advantage. He did find one stirrup move but ended up being squeezed by a lemon.

Enough said, 1-0

on Board 2 – Oscar was playing Bruce Jenks (welcome back and good to see you over the board again) Oscar said – I had a nice position and made a mistake and was in time trouble and was completely lost – but somehow I saved the game. 1/2 – 1/2

Meanwhile on Board 3 Mike playing Gregor Sawicki had a tough time playing the Modern Pirc which was hard to breakdown. A fiery middle game petered out into a drawn endgame with a knight and pawns vs bishop and pawn scenario. 1/2 – 1/2

So the final game to conclude was Dragi playing Brian Curran on Board 4 and he was an exchange up with pawns on the board but with the overall score favourable agreed the draw and win the match. 1/2 – 1/2

So a very narrow win for the A team who came away feeling a little fortunate and could have lost but as they say in other sports, you need to win ugly!








November 22, 2017