Div 3 – Wimborne E vs Poole E – 15 November 2017

‘A rook lift away’

It was a cold night but we had a warm reception from the jovial crew at Wimborne.

Eager to get going Ciaran on board 1 kicked off. He had a very solid game with initiative and attacking chances. At a crucial point in the game, however, he chose to double his opponents pawns where a rook lift would have delivered a killer blow and won the game. Tim Joyce now had a safer King and eventually turned advantage into a win. A very commendable game by Ciaran as Tim is a very strong opponent. 1-0.

The attention turned to Tony on board 3. He devilishly sacrificed a piece for three pawns but there wasn’t the fork in the tail that Tony had hoped for. His opponent coolly composed himself and gradually co-ordinated his pieces to encircled Tony’s king. Tony gentlemanly resigned. 2-0.

Adam who is playing very solid, accurate, attacking chess calmly defended his opponents assaults and once his opponent made some exchanges in the wrong order took full advantage and gained a piece. He then calmly directed his own pieces at the king, forcing a win. This was an impressive result as the tables, initiative turned quickly to Adam once he saw his chance.

Last but not least. I played a balanced game as Black. My opponent had a slight edge until I sacrificed the exchange – rook for knight and pawn taking all of the attack away from White. I now had a central passed pawn and the initiative. My opponent managed to nip this pawn but there was still a slight advantage for Black but not enough. He forced queen exchanges which I came out of slightly worse. We reached the time control but by this time we were 2-1 down. With no win in sight we agreed a draw.

The final result 2.5 – 1.5. A valiant performance by Poole E. We can hold our heads high. Wimborne E are strong opponents. Onwards and upwards.

Report from Tim McCullagh

November 18, 2017