Dark Wednesday at Wimborne 21/11/18 for Poole

Not our best night at the Merley Sport Club as both our teams went down to the home teams.

Our A team were trying to get on the winning trail but we knew it was going to be very tough against an very strong Wimborne team that had consolidated their A/B teams for this season. The grades were 744 vs 745 – no complaints there then!

On Bd 1 Martin (Poole) had an even position after coming out of the opening against Ian (Wimborne) with possible a  debatable marginal advantage and  little happening considered a draw. The other 3 games all seemed even at the time so hands were exchanged and a draw was agreed. 0.5/05.

Within a short period of time Allan (Wimborne) had a clear advantage on the Q side and developed a strong line with the Bishop fianchetto stopping development of the Q side Bishop and Rook. This attack proved to be crucial where pieces were traded and Allan ended up winning an exchange but also position on the D file and once his rook swept down to control all the finish was inevitable – very  good win for Allan and Mike will have better much better games. 1-0.

Meanwhile on Bd 3 John (Poole) was feeling the heat against a strong attack from Mark (Wimborne) on the H file which proved too much. Mark won a piece went on to give a Rook back to play his Q on a square where there was no defence. Another win for Wimborne 1-0

So with the match won credit to David (Poole) for giving all to gain a piece and a consequent win against Eddie (Wimborne) to salvalge a decent score for us.

Overall score Wimborne A 2.5- 1.5 Poole A- deserved win for Wimborne.

From a home prospective we always knew the competition would be tough but we will be back for a better result next time.

Unfortunatley our F team also lost on the night and ended up going down by the same score 2.5-1.5 to Wimborne F. Good win for Chris Ambrose and a comfortable draw for Paul Trowbridge and losses for Steve and Ben Howard (Junior) making his debut for the club. Details on the LMS site.

Onwards to the next games.



November 23, 2018