D Team draw 2-2 at Highcliffe

In an exciting match for the top two teams there seemed a bigger incentive for a good result for either team.  The evening did not start well when one of our players were 15 minutes late in what was a tight schedule and so yours truly (not Lewis Hamilton) was asked to make a 20-25 minute journey in broadly 15 minutes, no matter. (speeding ticket in the post).

Highcliffe showed excellent sportsmanship by starting all the clocks at the same time and the match commenced at 7.40 pm, very sporting Rachel.

The early exchanges were all about equal and when your writer looked over after about 1 hour – Jamie playing like a storm trooper was clearly winning against Roger and went on to complete an excellent 1st win in Divison 4.

So 1-0 to Poole and Tony was now a couple of pawn ahead albeit in a slighly difficult end game, however, his experience and knowledge came through when he kept his calm and finished off by blocking the Queening square with his knight and so converted the pawn to a Q and hands were shaken. A valiant effort by Rachel against an improving Tony and so it was 2-0.

However Dennis Russell was a piece ahead and a superior position to Kzsztroff who hung in for as much time as possible but the end result was soon to be confirmed, 2-1 Poole.

Meanwhile Chris was hoping to gain a draw against Sue Kageler (an ex-Zimbwean ladies champion, so I was told) and succumbed to a neat pawn tactic which won a pawn for Sue and then exchanged Rooks to clear any complications and force Chris’s K to the corner of the board. The game was soon won by Sue who showed her skills in the end game.

The overall match score finished 2-2, well done to Highcliffe for the comeback and well done Poole for giving all on the night. We look forward to the return at home in the New Year.

28 mph all the way home in the dark night!

November 26, 2019