Curtains raised

The season has come around again and the season curtain raisers have all been played.

The Two Towns match, the annual knees up between most of the league started things with a 25 board match. It was great to see 50 people enjoying the Poole venue and lots of enjoyable, casual chess. The games aren’t rated and the entire event has a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of catching up with old friends. Unfortunate Poole was unable to retain the trophy with a full report available on the Dorset site:

The next event is the Dorchester Jamboree. This one is slightly more serious with each club taking 6 players where they complete against various other clubs. It was a close contest once more with Yeovil taking the spoils. Excellent report available here:

Finally we had the Dorset Blitz Championship. Zander, Ellis and Oleksii all competed with various prizes being won.

With all these events, it just leaves the season proper to start. Poole D, over to you on 2nd October to start the season. Good luck to all Poole teams!

September 26, 2023