CLUB UPDATES – week commencing 10/1/22




This week the UK government confirmed there would be no extra restrictions to the previously announced Plan B rules. The current restrictions are expected to remain in place until the 26th January. However, the UK government recommends we continue to act cautiously whilst there is a high level of covid cases. In particular …‘You may wish to take a rapid lateral flow test if it is expected there will be a period of high risk that day … This includes spending time in crowded and enclosed spaces.’

It is for clubs and captains to interpret this guidance taking account of all risks including the size of the playing rooms, air ventilation, spacing of tables, the number of players present etc. In the last week, three local league matches were played and two matches were postponed.

We are still respectfully expecting all players to wear masks even at those venues where there may be some other parts of the venue with no such requirement. This is particularly relevant where the chess club is in a separate room and the prime purpose is for the playing of chess, not for eating or drinking.

Unquote…. from the weekly newsletter.


So its necessary to have enough ventilation as much as possible whilst the matches are going on even for a periods of time and this is up to the Captains when setting up at the beginning of the evening and during the matches.

Looking at the diary we only have one club night (Thursday 17/2 when there are no matches) so we can use the middle room as long as its empty and of course the bar when ever we wish.

This week on the 13/1 our Dorset League C team will eventually play their 1st match after 2 previous cancellations and postponements. We have 4 players making their DL debut’s Andy Matko/Zander/Tony Sanderson and Leo… they are playing Dochester C – wish them luck.

On Friday 14/1 our C team captained by Tarik take on the challenge at Southbourne and a win there will take them to the top of the table but as always it will be tough and I am not sure of the team line up but pretty sure it will be from Adam/Mike R/Tarik/Simon/Tim and maybe a rabbit our of the hat that Tarik will produce on the night – good luck boys.

So the chess diary is pretty full every Thursday with a catch up of both BD & Cl and DL fixtures to the end of the season. If our members are interested we could arrange a club tournament event on the 17/2 – open to all ideas. Perhaps a 10 sec buzzer lightening competition, open to all.

Whilst our league teams are pretty full I would like to remind non league players the club is active outside the match room and you are most welcome to come along and play friendly games when others around will be happy to give you games. From memory, there were quite a few players that wanted to return to chess or just play social chess. So, Arkadiuz, Ben, Arabella, Kane and any others you are all welcome and the club is alive and well in 2022.






January 11, 2022