Club Updates and News

Please note the August gradings are out now which can be viewed on either LMS/Dorset/Player List or ECF Grading Database/Clubs/Poole. Please note the old BCF 3 digit number grading has been converted into a combination of FIDE/ELO 4 digit number number which should please some people but not all. I did enquire from the ECF what was the calculation however they were not sure! So it is what it is and I am sure you will some equation or commonality between what you might expect.

AGM Reminder for the 2/9/21 starting at 7.30pm in the Reception room. I hope as many as members as possible will attend because we have much to go through given the 2 year break and all things forward and positive. We will issue an agenda next week or prior to the meeting.

I am given to understand the BDCL agreed at a committee meeting last Tuesday they would terminate the 19/20 season with a pro-rata formulae to allow for winners to receive league trophies for the season. The trophies will be handed to the club for distribution which is good news for us as we were top of DIV 3/4/5 . Personally, I think this is fair given 75-80% of the season was complete in March 2020.

They have agreed there will be 4/5  leagues for new 21/22 season but given the concern over the high COVID numbers there is caution so the fixtures for only the 1st half of the season will be issued and and the 2nd half will go ahead and carry on if we are back to normal without any further lockdowns.

We have been asked to provide teams by the 9th September so if ,you wish to play league chess it is important you attend our AGM.

I have provisionally said we would have at least one team in the Dorset League but again we will agree on the 2/9..

Each team must  have a captain and we need some new blood so please get ready to volunteer if you are willing .


As there will be no official traditional 2 Towns match due to a high number of players in one room we have arranged a MINI 2 Towns match vs Bournemouth Club. Yes Poole  vs Bournemouth with an estimated 9/10 boards for each team.

It will be a 2 legged match – home and away – the dates are:

Wednesday 8th September at the Winton Social Club on Wimborne Road starting at 7.30pm.

Thursday at home on 16th September in the Reception Room at our club starting again at 7.30pm

The time controls will be either one game of one hour each or two games of 30 minutes each, same as the format for the Annual 2 Towns match. The matches will NOT be graded.

The scoring system to even out any grading differentials will be the same the knock out handicap system used for 6 boards. If we have more players that wish to play we can even up the teams by sharing players with Bournemouth.

The purpose is to get back to over the board competitive chess getting ready for the leagues to start which will not be at least early/mid October.

If we enjoy this format we can arrange another match say against Highcliffe or Ringwood prior to the season starting.

Please let me know if you wish to play in one or both matches.


The BL have asked us to make sure the room is put back exactly as we fine it when entering. That is, the 8 tables need to be pushed back against the window/wall and all chairs stacked in the corner. Windows need to be closed and any glasses/rubbish needs to be removed. Can I request your full co-operation to make this happen every week so our hosts do not have reason for complaint please.

I have carried out a roll call of members that wish to return and I am pleased to say at the time of writing most members are happy to play OTB season however there are are 2/3 members that are not ready to return or have decided to stop playing chess for various reasons. I will advise at the AGM.

Please contact me or Graham if you have any questions on the above, happy chessing!





August 20, 2021