Club updates and news of Fees/Renewals

Firstly, I hope all our club members and families are keeping safe and to date I have not heard of any adverse Covid infections from anyone related to chess which is good news.

I am really pleased to advise our Friday night club sessions have continued by popular demand  from some of our members, keeping to the the Govt  guidelines and protocols. The tables of 4 are set out in the bar area towards the back of the bar socially distancing and last week we had two tables of players that enjoyed OTB chess. It is critical we do not move around the tables once sat down and the club are providing table service to avoid movement within the club.

This week we plan to have more members and will try and allocate players to tables where they can enjoy winning and hopefully not losing too many games.

I must say, its great seeing some of our members returning to the club after such a long time.

I fully respect and understand any members that wish to avoid OTB chess at the moment and look forward to seeing you when the time comes when normal service is resumed. Please try and keep in touch in the meantime as its always good to know how you are getting on.

A reminder we have the fortnightly Lichess events on Monday nights representing the club at all levels and the time controls are 5 min plus 3 sec per game, all are welcome. I think we have won this event 3 times from 6 events – well done for all those that have contributed even just one point!

ECF/ Poole Chess Club Fees/Poole Ex- Serviceman’s and British Legion Fees

ECF have requested renewals of fees from 1/9 and for those that wish to contribute please arrange to do this directly. The Bronze membership has remained at £17 as per last year. You can do this online by going to www.ecf/renewals. Most Silver members do this directly as they enjoy playing in weekend congresses  and other nominated ECF events.

Poole Club Fees will be suspended this year until normal chess resumes.

Poole Ex- Serviceman’s fees (club at North Rd) – the renewals are due from 1/10 and specifically those members that are coming on Friday night and using the clubs facilities. The fees remain at £10 per member. I would ask you to try and renew  as the club is struggling for income at the moment. You will need to return your blue membership card when paying this over the board and make sure you ask for a receipt as some previous fees have gone missing in the past.

British Legion Renewals

As part of our agreement with our landlords the BL that all members join the BL at a cost of £17pa. This is done directly once you have joined the Poole Ex- service men’s club and they should send you the renewal notice directly. For any members that have not done this please contact either myself for Graham whom can advise and help.

I wish  you all well and keep in touch.



October 8, 2020