With just one week to go to the next easing of the lockdown 17/5, I am pleased to report the British Legion is opening next week at the weekend so from the 21/5 (Friday) we can and are invited to play over the board chess in the main bar area as we did before last October. This will be at the back of the bar and tables will be reserved for use for chess.

All the usual Covid protocols need to be observed, so face masks when entering and when moving around the bar area and to respect our hosts requests to finish our games  on time and leave the club when they are closing. There will be table service as before which is useful and the club have asked us to re join the club when we return by completing their membership form and pay the subscription which I think will be £10.

You will also need to be a member of the Britsh Legion which is independent of the Poole Ex Serviceman’s club (our hosts) but this is should be done directly between yourself and the Legion.

Once the overall lifting of the lockdown is lifted which is scheduled from 21st  June and the Thomas Mann room is re opened (upstairs chess room) we hope to return there on Thursday evenings.

After such a long break I am and am sure some other members are looking forward to meeting up again over a real chess board and enjoying a drink together. So, if you can make it Friday week 21/5 7.30pm then this will be great.



I am really pleased to report  we have a had a few enquiries from two or three possible new members with the added interest from online chess during the lockdown and am delighted to announce that Martin O’Neill  (grade 171) has joined us from the Bournemouth club. He will play for us next season, I am sure you will do all to make Martin welcome.


The fortnightly team battles continue (tonight at 7.30pm) for those that wish to fly the Poole flag and continue our overall winning run.

The Thursday night sessions have  come to slow halt with few members wishing to play. This it understandable given the time of the year and desire to get out with families and the evenings get lighter even in recently poor weather. I will continue to set the sessions up and just join when you can until we are all back at the club.



Our Saturday online games continue with vigour and interest from our juniors of differing standards with an average of 12- 15 taking place every week. Both Graham and myself have given lessons to about 6/7 privately over the last few weeks and am hopeful they will benefit from these lessons. Steve Bailey and Simon Fox have joined in on the Saturday games which is appreciated.

We have arranged to resume  over the board chess with coaching and playing games on Saturday week 22/5 at the Elstead Hotel. We did manage to have a few sessions last year in between the lockdowns and to date 15 plus have registered to come along.

For any members that prefer to wait to return to chess later in the year, maybe September this is understood and respected.  Whenever you are ready to return you are welcome.









May 10, 2021