C team get the point they need with a draw against Ringwood B

On a tense night the C team achieved a well earned and hard fought draw against a much stronger Ringwood B team to secure their place in Division 3 for next season.

The orders were given and all that was needed was a draw but our friends from Ringwood arrived with a semi heavy weight division needing a win to get within a point from the summit of the table. Get ready to rumble!!!

The lights were bright the room was silent – mostly – there was the frantic call for hush coming from the outer boards.. but hey ho, before you could say checkmate Mike on board 3 had gratefully received a gift from the usually very safe Malcolm Day and were we on our way 1-0.

Don’t look away too quickly because on Board 4 Rob Davenport played a killing move with his Queen which looks like the majesty waiting to be crowned, to the opposition our Chris it was a dagger in the heart… the hand shuffled, the beat increased, the face reddened but alas for us schmucks now this was it – and eventually a pawn moved forward – and goodnight (Vienna) or should I say Chris – cordial handshakes were made and it was 1-1.

So all square with just two games left. The tension was unbearable. Tim Weir out graded Stephen Chappell on board 2 by 13 points was material ahead but heh ho, so time trouble with the clock beating down and his position worsening the cries of hush increased – a draw was offered – and yes, no – it was accepted as the flag was to fall. It was a draw, so 1.5/1.5 with just one game remaining.

Never mind our man from deepest Dorset in fine form Simon Paterson was doing alright against Peter Donaldson who out graded him by 15 points. Silly things these grades!. We move on and Peter has an advantage on the Q side with just Q R and a few pawns left but misses C5 in a crucial position. Simon equalises and then gains an advantage, we go through the time control. The faces are redder than ever – the two places look at each other and yes, the hands shake over the board – all square here too and 2-2 on the night

Eureka was the current flavour for the home team and slightly disappointed faces from Ringwood. Three games left and all safe – maybe thoughts of the sunshine in the summer were coming to mind!

March 31, 2017