Bournemouth B 2.5 – 1.5 Poole C

After a run of wins, Poole C went to play Bournemouth B last night. With us being top of the league 2 points ahead of Ringwood and 3 ahead of Bournemouth before the match, the team of Zander, Ellis, Mike and myself faced a slightly higher rated Bournemouth team.

My game against James exchanged down to a 2R each endgame with myself a pawn up. In a rush to try and promote a pawn I misjudged James better rook activity. He managed to get his rooks and king trapping my king into the corner, and my game went from a possible win to a draw to loss in a handful of moves.

Zander on board 2 went a pawn up from the opening; he managed to hold the advantage into an endgame but with doubled pawns and a very symmetrical pawn structure it was a draw.

Ellis game against Daniel was by far the most interesting; having sacced a piece to get an attack on the king, there was a huge exchange off of pieces, leading to Ellis having 2 rooks versus rook, knight and bishop. He then played with much more activity than his opponent, gaining passed pawns on both flanks, and the complications of defending both sides were too much, so a win for Poole.

Mike meanwhile had a very blocked position with only 1 file open. His opponent managed to get his rooks on the file, and was fortunate to pick up a pawn. Unfortunately Mikes pawn structure was difficult to defend, so the match ended 2.5 to 1.5 for Bournemouth.

This means that probably the league result will be decided at our last match against Ringwood on 8th May.


April 20, 2023