Bournemouth B 2 – 2 Poole C

We won, they won, we won, they won. 2 apiece.

It’s good to see Bournemouth growing and increasing in strength and with a nice venue to boot.

The Bournemouth team seems to have several new comers, but we came with one of our own, Andy getting the first win of the night in his debut season courtesy of a few minor inaccuracies that Andy managed to capitalise on.

Tim seemed to have a reasonably even game and was all geared up to win a pawn in a complicated exchange sequence, unfortunately his opponent was geared up to win a piece in a complicated exchange sequence. The correct sequence may have been favourable, but unfortunately was not to be. As punishment Tim will be dropped from an unspecified future game when he may coincidentally also be unavailable.

Adam is the game at the top of the order on the highlights reel with an early bishop sac and lots of attacking a very uncomfortable king. The end position impressively separated the king from any useful piece by having them hiding behind him. Much like a security detail locking the target in a safe house with an assassin.


The final match was Tarik who managed to get a good king side attack but couldn’t force anything decisive and the game dissolved into a rook and 7 pawn endgame which should have ended with at least something from the game, and probably would have if he didn’t forget how pawns work. Please consider that an application to join the junior leagues in the bid to actually learn something.

All in all it was a nice evening with good company and we still got a point out of it leaving the table looking healthy. Thank you to Bournemouth for hosting and looking forward to the return leg.

February 2, 2022