Bournemouth A 2-2 Poole C

Some good moments, and some good grief moments.

Dragi was in a strong position, but took with the wrong piece and the position fell apart like something that falls apart. It’s late. I’m tired. My similes are now like….something unimaginative.

Simon was looking good for a draw in a Rook & Bishop vs Rook & Knight end game, then his Rook was snatched off the board. Much giggling then ensued. Once the joviality died down and we all composed ourselves, it was two down with two to go, almost like the start of a Meat Loaf song, but without the girl….although Tony did arrive for the finale, I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Richie made a stunning return to the team with a solid performance, managing to convert a slight edge into a pawn advantage towards the end of the middle game, then wore his opponent down before trapping his Rook in the end game.

And I was playing black and my opponent started mirroring my moves. Not one to be drawn into a stale draw, I made sure I made moves that couldn’t be mirrored and gained a big lump around the centre….I can’t think of a metaphor for that one. My opponent was either unable or unwilling to show real aggression so after going a pawn up and compromising his pawn structure, the game just slowly plodded to a win shortly before we were kicked out from the top floor (we we’re on the top floor now then? That’s new. I did like the dance beats that started up, but they died away too soon before I could really get my groove on).

A well contested draw, thank you team and thank you Bournemouth. We needed points, one will have to do for now.

February 5, 2019