Bournemouth 3 – 1 Poole Knights

A crew of youngsters ventured to Bournemouth. 3 juniors and Graham heading the line up.

There were some excellent games, but unfortunately the results didn’t go our way.

Harry had a default as his opponent didn’t turn up.

Graham gambitted a pawn in the Queens Gambit and his opponent managed to hold onto it well to gain a good advantage in the end game which was well converted.

Ben played well but with his King side pawns in an odd formation which he then castled behind. A strong Queen then dictated the position and was holding most of the board down stopping any movement. This eventual suffocation led to the second win for Bournemouth. A good strategic game with pressure being the deciding factor.

Samuel lost a Knight early on but managed some excellent counter-play getting enough Pawns in compensation and a very active Queen. The game still had plenty of mileage in it when both players were in time trouble and it’s unfortunate that Samuel’s flag dropped first.

3-1 to Bournemouth, but looking at the games, it seemed like it each game could easily have gone either way.

December 12, 2018