Blustery Evening – Poole D v Highcliffe D

In a fierce battle against a depleted Highcliffe squad, Poole came out on top on a blustery Monday evening. Tony, Leo, and I took wins on boards 2, 3, and 4 respectively, where we established a 3-0 lead.

On board 4, I faced off against Dan and took an early advantage with a bold move of Na4, which threatened a checkmate in just one move. Dan, likely exhausted from a long weekend of chess and travel for work, missed my threat and fell victim to my strategic play, resulting in a checkmate on move 20.

In a gripping match-up on board 3, Leo faced off against Michael with the black pieces. While I didn’t catch all the details, Leo played with his trademark speed and efficiency, quickly establishing a commanding endgame position.

The final stages of the game saw Leo enter a rook and pawn endgame with two connected passers on the a and b files. With his rook providing support, Leo skilfully promoted his pawn, forcing Michael to resign in defeat. It was a well-played game by Michael, who put up a strong fight against the impressive young talent that is Leo.

On board 2, Tony took on John in a closely contested match-up. Tony had requested to play the white pieces for a change and, despite the even nature of the game, was able to create an advantage in the endgame and secure the win. It was far from an easy victory for Tony, who had to work hard to overcome a resilient opponent.

I was particularly impressed with John’s performance, given that he was playing on a braille board. The level of skill and concentration required to play chess in this way is truly beyond my comprehension, and it is a testament to John’s abilities that he was able to put up such a strong challenge. Both players are to be commended for their excellent play in what was a hard-fought and well-played match.

Mike and Roger then played to an agreed draw, with both players acknowledging that Roger had the upper hand but faced challenges in converting it to a victory.

Despite Mike being behind on time, he offered a draw which was agreed upon by Roger. It was later revealed that Roger had serious threats that would have made it incredibly difficult to defend against a checkmate. Nevertheless, Poole emerged victorious with a humble, hard-fought win.

March 14, 2023