BDCL League 1: WimborneA v PooleA

So like Bill Murray waking up to Sonny and Cher, off we schlepp to Wimborne. I was so inspired that here is a bit of a Sonnet what I wrote..
A Bit of a Sonnet for Wimborne
The A-Team chaps are keen. Who have we next?
Another club? We check the Web in vain.
Has Mike Jay got the League One schedule messed?
Its bloody Wimborne Wednesday night again.
Still… gracious hosts and most kind words abound
And Hey! The bar is open! Duggs! Your round!!
But on to the more serious matter of the match. Poole have: Martin, Duggs, your correspondent and Dragi… Wimborne: Alan Pleasants, Ian Clark, Graham Willetts and a Mr Barker (whose first name I didn’t get, apologies). Pretty evenly matched grading wise I would say.
Martin (B1-W) v Alan started with some light sparing courtesy of Martin’s double fianchetto and both players spending a good deal of time on their early moves.
Mike (B2-4) played his Caro Kann against Ian and an early Black e5 created a very open queenless middlegame with active pieceplay. Mike created a slight edge for himself I felt, but White had good activity.
I (B3-W) say down opposite Graham Willetts for the next installment in our (seemingly) endless sequence of games, and another Closed Sicilian quickly took shape; this time a Bb5, Bxc6 variation doubling Blacks c-pawns.
Dragi (B4-B) was playing an opponent I hadn’t met before, but who seemed a very nice chap, and they also quickly established a Closed Sicilian set-up, but without ‘my’ f4 included.
Mike’s game progressed quickest and soon further exchanges prompted a drawish assessment and the players shook hands.
My game was also progressing, although my opponent was using a lot of time finding moves in a cramped position – the GPA always seems to me an opening which is easier to play on the White side. I have to say that Graham didn’t seem his normal self last night, but games have to be won and I managed to slowly build up pressure until an e5 push broke though. A much needed point.
(Learning Point Alert: Don’t Release the Tension by Swapping Pawns (until it is advantagous). Duggs and I had earlier been discussing this, and this helped in my game. It is especially true if your opponent is short on time as more time will be required to check lines every move).
I don’t have to tell you that three minutes later I was in the bar having a much needed pint, kindly provided by Eric. But there was not much time for post mortems…
Martin and Alan were both down to less than ten minutes with 20 moves or so before the time control. Alan seemed to have some initative, but Martin had better pieces (it seemed to me). Martin took note of Dragi’s drawn looking endgame and offered a draw to Alan, which was accepted. Alan spoke afterwards of some double-edged continuations but felt that a draw was about right.
All this time, Dragi and his opponent had been turning their Closed Sicilian into a closed-up endgame, with Dragi having a poor Bishop and Rooks v Knight and Rooks. Interlocking pawn chains reduced the opportunity of a result, which of course, was just the ticket for Poole. In due course a draw was agreed.
Result: Wimborne A 1.5 v 2.5 Poole A.
A very tight affair with Poole just pinching the points.
Wimborne Chess Club, in its new venue, and with its very hospitable membership, is a pleasure to visit. That said, thank goodness we don’t have to play them again for a while!! I am sure they are sick of the sight of us too…

David Fuller
October 26, 2017