BDCL Div1: Poole B vs Poole A

Well at least we know this is a home match…

So my latest idea is to do a real-time report, action as it happens, you know the sort of thing. Not sure if it will work but here goes.

19.42: I arrive at the venue expecting to have missed all the boring stuff (getting the sets out, debating who should face the windows etc) but am instead faced with eight players milling around in some confusion. JohnW is acting captain of the B Team and he rightly feels that he shouldnt be deciding the board order of both teams. I shout out our usual order and everything starts. Once again, my presence is a fundimental requirement, which is nice.

PooleB: Chip, Martin, Ellis, Leo (Home Team)
PooleA: Wadds, Nick, Duggs, John.

19.58: An unfortunate occurrence on B3 (Duggan-Fretwell) where Ellis misses a trick on the Black side of a semi-slav (Mike does this quite a lot, be careful) and the game is all but over. Bad luck Ellis, but don’t forget that you have age on your side and Mike isn’t getting any younger! He has to beat the youngsters before they get good.

20.26: I get a beer, but that probably doesn’t affect the progress of the match itself, important event though it is.

20.30: I put my beer down and notice that on B1 MikeW and Chip have a blocked position which is what you might expect to be honest. I also notice that on B2 (O’Neill-Lee) that Nick has equalised after a trademark expansive Martin opening. Meanwhile B4 (Camopy-Weatherlake) I see a balanced position.

20.58: It transpires that John had drawn Leo into a tricky opening line that he knows very well. Leo responded well but succumbed to the pressure. Nevertheless, another good performance following his Southbourne vital draw.

21.06: I join John in the bar for a pint.

21.27: I leave the bar to see whats happening. Nick is looking good on B2 against Martin. Chip has sacked a piece against Mike and has a raging attack against Mike long-castled position.

21.49: Chip finishes off a lovely attack to score the full point. Match score 2-1 to PooleA with B2 outstanding: queen and opposite coloured bishops so very tricky, but Nick has some extra pawns.

22.10: It’s getting tense. Perhaps a calming drink is in order…

22.16: Nick extinguishes any chances of swindles to take the full point at the match to Poole A 3-1.

22.17: We all go to the bar, except Nick and Martin who, ever the professionals, start a detailed post mortem. Perhaps they will come later.


David Fuller
November 7, 2023