BDCL 2 – BournemouthA vs PooleB

And so the return match following the early season 2-2 draw. We were missing Richie and so had drafted in Adam and Tim on B3/B4. Dragi and I made up the numbers. Bournemouth were unchanged from the previous encounter.

This was actually my first time at the Winton location for Bournemouth Chess Club. The bar looked nice but quiet, but I will have to try the beer next time as my game went on a bit.

After an hour all four boards looked pretty equal.

On B1 vs Dennis, I was trying a Grand Prix hack against the O’Kelly variation with some pressure but Dennis was holding.

On B2 John and Dragi were engaging peacefully, as far as I could see, until I heard the slowest ever draw offer from John (the dull position was having its effect it seemed). The same colour bishop plus pawns ending was enough for Dragi to chuckle and accept.

On B3 vs Paul, queens were exchanged very early (Qxb6, axb6) opening up the a-file for Adam. Paul pushed his a-pawn and got his rook to the eighth rank from where it was surprising ineffective. It seemed to me (and Adam confirmed his same feelings afterwards) that he was much better but with some possible counterplay for Paul. Later a minor inaccuracy brought the game to a level assessment and a second draw was agreed. Well played both.

On B4 Tim and Paulo were having a game of chess. Unfortunately that is all I know as I missed a good chunk after the opening phase, a reversed Grand Prix in fact. I was advised that Tim was better at one stage then worse later.

Back on B1, Dennis and I were down to five minutes and he had repelled my attempts at mating down the h-file, but a few small positional plusses promised a good endgame for me. Unfortunately for Dennis, I was able to exchange queens and sac the exchange to pin Black rooks; removing the pin would lose a piece and so the White King was able to walk from g1 to g7 to end the game. Not quite Short-Timman. A very interesting game. Bad luck Dennis.

B4 was last to finish and when I went over Tim looked very lost RN+2p vs QB+2p but there were some cheapos in the air. Paulo had about three minutes left, Tim’s clock continuously buzzed its ’10 seconds left’ noise and the game went on.

It was at this point that I noticed that Paulo had stopped writing down moves about twenty moves previously. To be honest I am still unclear what the correct protocol is following the similar issue earlier in the season, but it has always been clear to me that captains should do the morally correct thing. I certainly want no accusations of: knowing of the problem, waiting until the game finishes and then trying claiming the game somehow. John and I spoke and Paulo was asked to fill in his scoresheet on his time, which he then did. I am sure that more time should be added or similar, but I remain unclear of the process. I would like to know, I will ask Martin for some advice.

The game finished a dozen or so moves later in Paulo’s favour. Well played both.

And so another drawn match and no bragging rights for anyone yet this season.

Thanks all at Bournemouth. The decider is in April.


David Fuller
February 16, 2022