Baccus League

Monday saw the last game of the Bacchus League for the season. An interesting 2.5 – 2.5 match with early wins from Harry and Harshal, a draw by Dragos, Jonathan battled well on top board but couldn’t get the win and Stephen was playing one of his first competitive games with his braille board so learnt a lot and found it significantly harder to play.

The final league position is joint top, behind on board difference. But, league position is probably the least important stat.

Over the course of the season the division has allowed new, returning and junior players to jump into competitive games with little pressure and a friendly, nurturing environment.

The following players have all featured in the league this season, with many of them going on to play in other teams:

Charlie Back
Daniel Liubchenko
Harry Mercer
Angus Norman
Harshal Kulkarni
Dragos Miles
Jonathan Nunn
Sev Lansley
Stephen Bailey

It has been a great success in getting people playing competitively, I look forward to next year and all the people I haven’t yet met who I hope will end up joining the club, competing in the Bacchus League before moving on to other teams.

Huge thanks to Mike Jay and Nikki Forster for being great captains for the other teams who have a clear goal of nurturing new players which made successful games much easier to organise.

Until next season.

June 20, 2023