Another win for Poole ‘B’ – sorry that’s County Div 3, Poole B

John was very pleased to get a win against Ken Smith (in about 25 moves) having tripped up in their last two meetings. Dragi was never in trouble but as per usual took it to an end game where he is very strong. Jamie sadly lost for a second time in the space of 7 days, but he had a tricky opponent, who had a much higher grading, but it must be said, Jamie, you need to slow down, give yourself more time to think, you have so much potential.

Being 2-1 up, all I needed to do was draw, Mike Tew was building up a mating threat but I saw an opportunity to get a perpetual by sacking a knight and a Rook for a Bishop and 3 pawns, luckily it worked, giving us a  2 1/2  –  1 1/2 win, it keeps us top of the table over Christmas, YES !!!!!!!!

Graham Morris

December 9, 2019