Another week for our teams in a busy schedule

So the games roll on and it was great to see our DL A team win last Thursday after defeats last Monday for our D team at Highcliffe (see Mike’s report) and defeat for our E team within the dark castle walls that surround Purbeck.

On the night we defaulted one board – shock, horror which I think is the first time in at least a couple of years as one of our players had a transport problem and so we had to play 3 vs 4.

Just to say on this if this situation ever occurs please contact your captain immediately and or myself and the sirens will be raised, the flashing blue lights will be employed and you will get there- promise!

So in the match Christine’s team did their best and were unlucky to lose when so close to gaining an overall draw. Again, details of the match on the Dorset chess website and LMS button.

Moving on to the matches this week our our Dorset league B team are at Wimborne on Wednesday evening, our F team captained by Steve are playing their first match at home on Thursday and our E team are playing their 3rd game at Southbourne on Friday evening.

Latest news of team line ups are;

DL B  team – Tarik/Mike Rutter/Chris Ambrose and yours truly

F team – Steve/ Chris A/Derek Chapman/Paul Trowbridge

E team – Kyrztoff/Seth/Ted Paul/Tony Pritchard and Chris A as reserve.

Good luck to all our teams this week.

Next week I will be updating you on Mike Duggan and John Weatherlake inclusion and first matches in the 4NCL, great stuff guys. Another first for Poole chess club where they will become part of a Wessex team where the grades range from 150/220 on a national basis.

Off to the analysis room to see if there is any hope for yours truly!

October 29, 2018