AGM 2023 Minutes

Poole Chess Club – Annual General Meeting 2023

Minutes of the 24th Annual General Meeting, held at the Centenary Hall, Poole, on Monday 14 August 2023.

Present: Tarik Reghif (Chairman), Tony Pritchard (Treasurer), Zander Booth, Dave Burt, Leo Camopy, Jean-Claude Fernandes, Ellis Fretwell, David Fuller, Harshal Kulkarni, Martin O’Neill, Jonathan Nunn, Oleksii Panchenko, Mike Rutter, Ciprian Stanciu, John Weatherlake, Joe Wood,

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from: Steve Bailey, Mike Duggan, Nick Lee, Andy Matko, Eric Sachs.

2. Minutes of the 2022 23rd AGM/EGMs and Matters Arising

Mike Minvalla raised the point that the AGM minutes stated that he was elected as Treasurer, although he subsequently did not take on the role. Tony Pritchard clarified that he continued in the role following some complications at the start of last season. No amendment was required to the 2022 Minutes.

The Minutes were then accepted unanimously.

3. Chairman’s Report

Tarik welcomed all present, and thanked them for attending, not least for the opportunity to show off his technical expertise with a very nice overhead screen showing the agenda and results in real-time, with subtle reveals for added excitement.

Tarik noted that twelve new members had joined in the past year. But sadly, we were reminded of the passing of Paul Trowbridge earlier this year. A few moments of silence were observed to remember our good friend and chess colleague. Tarik advised that a donation from Paul’s estate was made to Poole Chess Club.

On behalf of the Club, Tarik specifically wanted to thank:

Tarik finally noted the wide-ranging success at all levels this year, the details of which would be confirmed later using that lovely overhead screen!

4. Treasurer’s Report

Tony Pritchard walked the members through the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet as at 30-Jun-23. The donation of £250.00 from The Estate of Paul Trowbridge was noted. The current balance was confirmed as £2306. It was broadly felt that this balance would allow the purchase of some upmarket chess equipment as befits the leading club in the area. This would be specifically discussed later on the agenda.

The accounts were accepted unanimously (proposer: DF, seconder: MR).

5. Election of Officers

Chairman – Tarik agreed to carry on if no others stood. Proposed: JW. Seconded: CS. Unanimously accepted.

Secretary – David Fuller offered his services. Proposed: JW. Seconded: TP. Unanimously accepted.

Treasurer – Tony agreed to carry on if no others stood. Proposed: JW. Seconded: CS. Unanimously accepted.

6. League AGMs – Comments and Actions

6.1 Reserves system reverts to token system.

6.2 All postponements must be approved by the League Controller.

6.3 Ghost players (not playing in first three matches) will be considered for removal by the League Controller.

7. New Club Equipment

7.1 Four wooden chess sets for match play only. Budget £450 unanimously agreed.

7.2 Demonstration Board. Budget £80 unanimously agreed.  

7.3 Four-player Chess Board. £100 unanimously agreed. 

8. Club Fees

8.1 Poole Chess Club Annual Membership fees proposed as £20/£10 (adult/junior), to include Centenary Club Fees, to be paid in August.

8.2 ECF Membership fees to be the responsibility of the individual member, to be paid in August, and must be completed before any competitive matches.

9. Club Venue

9.1 Supporting the Centenary Club: It was agreed that we are fortunate to have such a comfortable venue, with a bar. Membership is only £5 p.a. and so bar takings are critical for the club’s survival. BUY DRINKS when you come to the club. The relationship between Poole Chess Club the Centenary Club is symbiotic.

9.2 Room Lighting: some questions were raised regarding the lighting in some parts of the room. Tarik will speak to the club.

9.3 Insurance: MR asked if Centenary Club insurance might cover any equipment/etc losses. Tarik/David to own.

10. Team/Event Captain’s Reports for 2022/23

10.1 4NCL: Second in Div 4; Promotion Secured to Div3, to be a 12-team all-play-all.

10.2 Poole A (BDCL1): League Winners, John Weatherlake 8/10.

10.3 Poole B (BDCL1): Third place, Martin O/Neil 7/10. Beat Poole A twice.

10.4 Poole C (BDCL3): Second place, unlucky not to win, Zander Booth 7.5/10, Ellis Fretwell 6.5/9.

10.5 Poole D (BDCL4): Second place, all team members >= 50% record!

10.6 Poole E (BDCL5): Fifth place.

10.7 Poole A (DCL1): Second place, all team members >=50% record. A strong Weymouth Team won.

10.8 Poole B (DCL3): League Winners, twelve team members played!

10.9 Poole Bishops (Bacchus): Second place of three, although this was not the point. Many new skills learnt.

10.10 Dorchester Jamboree: First Place, Zander Booth’s smooth attacking win the highlight. Nice one Capt Chip.

10.11 Poole vs Bournemouth: Poole Win 6-4, good strength in depth.

10.12 Two Towns Match: Poole/Bournemouth/Wimborne Win 12-10, tight finish, excellent captaincy!

10.13 Winter Internal Swiss: Leo Camopy 4/4.

10.14 Summer Internal Swiss: Ongoing.

10.15 BDCL Handicap Knock Out: Ongoing

11. Team/Event Captain/Selection for 2023/24

11.1 4NCL: John Weatherlake. Note: Request for the club to pay entry costs up front approved unanimously.

11.2 Poole A (BDCL): David Fuller.

11.3 Poole B (BDCL): tbc (JW can possibly help).

11.4 Poole C (BDCL): Andy Matko.

11.5 Poole D (BDCL): tbc

11.6 Poole E (BDCL): Steve Bailey.

11.7 Poole A (DCL1): David Fuller

11.8 Poole B (DCL3): tbc.

11.9 Poole Bishops (Bacchus): Tarik Reghif

11.10 Dorchester Jamboree: John Weatherlake

11.11 Poole vs Bournemouth: John Weatherlake

11.12 Two Towns Match: David Fuller

11.13 Winter Internal Swiss: tbc

11.14 Summer Internal Swiss: tbc

11.15 BDCL Handicap Knock Out: John Weatherlake / Ellis Fretwell

11.16 Club Championship tbc

11.17 4NCL Online: not to be held this year.

11.18 Summer Tournament: not to be held this year.

12. Other Roles for 2023/24

12.1 BDCL Committee Representative: David Fuller

12.2 DCL Committee Representative: tbc

12.3 Christmas Event: John Weatherlake

12.4 Coaching Lead: Ellis Fretwell

13. Presentations

13.1 Thor Anderson Trophy (Most Improved Play by Grade): LEO CAMOPY

13.2 Alf Bullock Board (Best Game Results): ELLIS FRETWELL

13.3 Individual Swiss Winner: LEO CAMOPY

13.4 All members of the winning/promoted Teams noted above were then presented with medals for their participation. Congratulations to everyone.

14. Any Other Business

14.1 Dave Lockwood Memorial: Discussion initiated by Chip. Agreed to look to schedule for Feb24.

14.2 Clock Usage/Instructions: Concerns raises regarding how to reset clocks etc. David/Tarik to review needs.

14.3 Noticeboard: Dave Burt asked if we could have a physical noticeboard in the club. JW agreed to have a look for one. Others agreed to keep Dave posted with news as required noting that he is not a keen social media junkie.

Meeting Closed.


David Fuller
August 29, 2023