1st Dorset Online Rapidplay – Sunday 14th March 2021

Each year there are a handful of Poole players who take the long trek to Ringwood, in all weathers, to play in the ‘Rapidplay’ tournament.

This year because of Covid restrictions, the tournament will go ahead but as an Online Rapidplay Tournament on Lichess.

For further details click the link below or visit the Dorset chess website.

1st Dorset Online Rapidplay – Sunday 14th March 2021

So far 25 players have joined this exciting new tournament which has £200 cash prizes and a free entry! Please remember to enter early to avoid disappointment and, in addition to joining the Dorset Rapidplay Events Team, please don’t forget to join the Dorset Rapidplay 2021 tournament!


The details and list of current entrants will be updated on the Dorset Chess website at regular intervals which can be found here https://www.dorsetchess.co.uk/rapidplay-2021/

March 2, 2021