Wimborne vs Rooks 22nd Jan Bacchus League

An overwhelming result for the Rooks, 0 – 4 . although we easily out graded their players you still have to have your wits about you.

Mike on board one had the toughest game, but with a Knight and a few pawns to the good, the endgame was cut and dried.

Joe on board 2 won a piece early on and was on the front foot for the rest of the way.

Graham on board 3 adopted the Jobava system and quickly caught out his opponent with a Knight fork on King and Rook followed by a second knight fork resulting in winning the other Rook, game over!

Steve lost a Bishop early on, he has trouble with those notorious Bishops, but hung on in there and eventually raced down the board with his Queen, causing mayhem and with some canny moves with his Rooks forced a checkmate.

Well done everyone, the Guinness in the bar after the game went down very sweetly.


January 22, 2020