Wimborne A – Poole A 1-3 Dorset League

Wimborne A – Poole A  1-3


I Clark – M Duggan  0.5-0.5

E Barker – C Stanciu  0.5-0.5

M Littleton – J Weatherlake  0-1

J Nielsen – R Smith   0-1


Poole travelled to Wimborne after two straight wins in a very strong division. Considering the good form of my team mates, I was confident that we could win this match, and try to stay in touch with the highflyers from Highcliffe.

And my instinct was right. First to finish was John with a very good win against a tricky customer in Mark. John’s results in 2020 are excellent; I think he has 4 out of 4 in all competitions. And it is still January….

Mike drew against Ian. The two of them have played each other so many times that they must know every move their opponent will make by now. 1.5-0.5 for us at this moment.

I was a pawn down, so I started looking at Richie’s position hoping that he will seal the deal for Poole.  After a quick look, I wasn’t so sure he will. But what do I know……..5 min later they are shaking hands, and I see Richie smiling. Well done Richie (for winning, not for smiling).

Great stuff. The pressure is off my shoulders. My team mates went straight into the next room for a drink. I manage to hold my position even if Eddie really wanted to win it.  After a few tries he realised that he wasn’t going anywhere and we were both in our last 2 min on the clock. Eddie offered a draw , I accepted it, and we joined the boys next door. Eddie played better, but somehow I managed to take something out of the game.

A good win for Poole as it keeps us 2nd in the league. Another tough game next week, at home against Dorchester.

Thanks everyone for playing, and thanks to Wimborne for hosting.


Ciprian Stanciu
January 26, 2020