Weymouth A – Poole A 1.5-2.5

Weymouth A – Poole A  1.5-2.5


A Pleasants – M Machacek  1-0

C Johns – M Duggan  0-1

C Leeson – J Weatherlake  0.5-0.5

M Stevens – C Stanciu  0-1


A very important win for us to keep close to the leaders (Ringwood). We had a very strong team in Weymouth and we outgraded them at every board by at least 20 points, but the games were very close and our win was a bit lucky.

And when I say lucky is because at the score of 2-1 for us, John managed somehow to get a draw even if he was two rooks down. Well done to him for not resigning, he told us in the car that his position was good and he was confident he will get something out of his game.

A well deserved drink in Weymouth to celebrate our win, and a very enjoyable ride home in the Duggmobile.

Thanks everyone for playing

Ciprian Stanciu
November 14, 2018