Weymouth A – Poole A 1.5-2.5

Weymouth A – Poole A  1.5-2.5


A Furjel – M Duggan  0.5-0.5

G Searing – R Allis  0.5-0.5

R Burton – C Stanciu  0.5-0.5

F Pittman – J Weatherlake   0-1


A much needed first win for Poole A in the new season, against a team which we outgraded on every board. But the games were very close so the final score could have gone either way. After three draws in the top three boards, all the pressure moved on John’s shoulders.  He played his end game very nicely, bringing the win which puts us at the same number of points as Wimborne in 2nd place.

A drink and a game of pool after, followed by French hip-hop in the car on the way back resulted in a very good mood, which hopefully will continue.

Thank you to everyone for playing.


Ciprian Stanciu
November 24, 2019