Updated news and Club Championship

I have been asked this week by club members if there is any news at Poole and with the local chess leagues so I thought it was opportune to provide an update.

As we all know, things have not changed much, so its a status quo I am afraid, for all over the board chess events  that remain suspended for the time being until it is safe to return.

There is ongoing online chess and there has been a Poole club established on lichess, (please contact for David Fuller for details). To date 10 members have signed up but no events have started yet.

Ringwood club have set up online weekly games, so if you are interested please look at their site or www.dorset chess for details.

2020 Club Membership

I have posted below the pairings and latest status of the club championship which started in February but came to a grinding halt as a result of the virus and it does seem a long time ago.

If you wish to play your opponent online please feel free to do so with the same rules that apply. Both parties need to agree to play online and it can be played on either lichess or chess.com.

Frankly, it is unlikely that any one section can be completed until the lockdown is over and all is safe. However, we encourage you to play the games if at all possible and any feedback please let me or Graham know – we will return to normal life soon!

The 1st round pairings for the Major section:-

Richard Allis   v   Mike Duggan      1 – 0

Richie                v   John                    0 – 1

Dragi                 v   Toby

Chip                  v   Dave Fuller

The 1st round pairings for the Intermediate section:-

Adam               v   Simon P

Simon F.          v    Krzysztof            0 – 1

Tarik                v    Eric

Mike R.            v    Tony P.                1 – 0

The 1st round pairings for the Minor section:-

Steve                 v     Graham                    0 – 1

Dave Burt         v     Mike Minvalla        0 – 1

Joe                     v     Jamie                        0 – 1

Chris A.            v    Christine                    0 – 1

The 2nd round pairings for the Minor section:-

Graham          v    Christine                    1 – 0

Jamie             v    Mike                            0 – 1

Final for the Minor section:-

Mike Minvalla         v       Graham Morris

The 1st round pairings for the Junior Section:-

Matthew Bailey        v    Dylan Kerry         0  –  1

Andre Bryan             v    Jonathan Nunn   1  –  0

Zack Little                 v    Josh Leggatt        0  –  1

Leonardo Camopy  v     Jack Bozic          1/2  –  1/2 rematch =  0  –  1

The 2nd round pairings for the Junior section:-

Jack Bozic              v      Josh  Leggatt

Dylan Kerry          v      Andre  Bryan


Just to conclude, I hope all our members are staying safe and are managing during the crisis, however, if any one needs any assistance with shopping or deliveries please feel free to contact me.

May 10, 2020