The Kids Bounce back in a 3-1 win against Bournemouth – 11/11/21

Bournemouth had a torturous pre match when their team numbers started at 5 and then down to 2 which eventually moved up to 3 and had to default one just one board. Well done Paul in getting the match played. Steve very kindly stepped down to allow the 3 kids average age 10.5 play the match. Thank goodness the match started so tick tock tick down and the adults swiftly disappeared to the bar!

Some 20- 25 minutes on review of the state of play Harry on Bd 4 had lost a piece and was getting outplayed by a promisingĀ  Joseph Ballard a BU Yr 2 student who played very accurately and each move seemed to be a hammer blow into Harry’s position. Well done Harry in keeping going against impossible odds on the board and praying for a miracle that never came so well done Joseph, a very well played game and well done Harry in keeping your headĀ  up.

So 1-1 so far on the night and a look at Bd 2 where Leo had an exchange up against Will and continued with a strong attack bringing both rooks into play using all possible ammo which resulted in a back rack mate! I looked at Leo’s clock – just 12 minutes played – my gawd!

2-1 Poole.

So all on to super cool Zander playing an engaging Anthony Ackerman playing his first ever OTB game of the chess. It looked quite even then a crucial pawn on E5 went down and Zander had control. He exchanged queens, other pieces went too and into the endgame with that single pawn ahead. Kings came out, pawns, were exchanged and then the pawn charge but Zander had a 2 move advantage so on came the Queen which took control with total accuracy and after a few moves the King was mated. Anthony could have resigned but to quote his comments after ‘ I wanted the give the man the glory of mate’ – great sportsmanship to a 11 year old junior.

So the points were won for Poole but the real winners were the 6 players – 3 playing for Bournemouth in the 1st OTB match and the 3 kids who are improving all the time.

I looked at my watch – it was 9.05pm – wow, did all that happen. The kids had gone home for coco and hot chocolate and the big boys went to you know where.

I just wanted to thank the Mum’s – Danielle (Leo), Lisa (Zander) and Amander (Harry) who faithfully bring their kids along, sit around and watch and none of them play, support the kids and the team and seem to enjoy it all, great commitment and are much appreciated.

Onwards and Upwards and look forward to the next games.

November 13, 2021