Summer Competition 2019

On Thursday 13th June, the draw was made, at the club, for the Summer Competition.  We have 20 participants that are in five groups of four.  The ratings that are being used are the ones that were given at the start of the 2018-19 season.  The results of these games will have no effect on the official ratings as this is a fun, informal tournament.  The reason ratings are used is to decide how long each player will have in a game that lasts a maximum of two hours.   The lower the rating, the longer the time given against the opponent (see the table under the names).   All players in the group will play each other once.  After the group-stage, the winner of each group, as well as the three best scores in second place, will qualify for the quarter finals.  The draw for the quarter finals will take place when all the group-stage games have been played.  The deadline for the group games to be completed is the end of July.  It is hoped that the tournament will be completed by the end of August.

Please contact either  Chip or Eric for Tel nos for players in your group.

Group A

Krzystoff 114

Graham 87

Christine 108

Chris A 102


Group B

Simon P 136

Dragi 146

Tony 103

David F 164


Group C

Alan 117

Ciprian 168

John 175

Steve 69


Group D

Tarik 132

Sergio 159

Eric 138

Paul 75


Group E

Richie 137

Mike D 192

Mike M 110 (estimated)

Joe 100 (estimated)


Due to needing an even number of competitors, we have a reserve player – Adam 122 – who will join in in case any other players drop out.


Grading difference            Time Split A         Time Split B

0-4                                                60                           60

5-9                                                 54                           66

10-15                                            48                            72

16-22                                             42                           78

23-30                                            36                           84

31-40                                            30                           90

41-55                                             24                           96

56-74                                            18                           102

75-99                                            12                            108

100 or more                                 9                             111




Ciprian Stanciu
June 14, 2019