Successful and Enjoyable Open Junior Night at Poole Chess Club

So, in between World Cup football games we held a fun open Junior night at the club on the 5th July.

Students and Juniors came from Poole Grammar School/Lytchett Minster School/Bournemouth Library and one student came from Dorchester,

We played one serious game each between club members and juniors with some tuition thrown in to help and show the depth and beauty of the game and the level of play that can be achieved.

In the 2nd session we played ‘Brain and Hand’which is a form of doubles and telepathy with mixed teams. They were no winners and losers and all that came along enjoyed the experience and the evening.

4  Students/Juniors joined the club at the end of the evening and will be playing in the newly formed Bacchus league which starts at the beginning of the new season.

The evening was capped off hen we enrolled a new adult member Alan Davies who is serving in the forces at a local army camp.

Pictures of the evening to follow.

I would like to thank all our club members who gave their time up to come along and help and encourage chess for these kids.

July 9, 2018