Southbourne C 1 – 3 Poole C

A good night down in Southbourne as Poole visited and came away with the points.

Adam had strong doubled rooks, from very early on, starring down at a castled king on the h file. Despite the pressure he wasn’t able to break through and a draw was agree when everything ground to a halt. A good half point to get us started.

I had a slow start but let the centre go easily, but in the second half of the game managed to turn things around with mate threats and generally just getting pieces all up in his face (technical chess jargon). The pressure eventually forced a mistake and checkmate wasn’t too far behind that.

Dragi had a solid game against Dave, eventually a mistake being made in the forest of traps. See below, white (Dragi) to move – black’s last move was Rd8.

With the score at 0.5 – 2.5, Eric and Ken agreed that despite a pawn difference, the game wasn’t likely to go anywhere for the next hour so took a draw.

A good result to keep within touching distance of New Milton, and keeping a good point difference just in case things get tight (not like last season had several positions decided on point difference!). Thanks to Southbourne for hosting.

November 30, 2019