Sharing an email from Phil Holden, Wimborne Chess Club

Wimborne Chess Club  have decided to try a new event online via the Chess Portal
The idea is  to have a Forum where we encourage players with ECF grades under 110 play together over a longer time frame , namely 20 minutes with 10 sec increments . The logic is we think some  players are not minded to join Open Blitz events where they encounter much stronger players in compressed time frames that they may not actually enjoy.  We also think this event could be a Nursery to bring on Juniors into stronger environments downstream and they gain a few wins to boost confidence.
Its just an idea , it may work , it may not
The event will be run by Phil Holden of Wimborne Chess club
The details:
People should register an interest to play with Phil Holden via email :
Its assumed they under ECF grade 110
He will add their name to a distribution email list and send out the Lichess Joining link url  sometime prior to the start time 2 pm , typically 45-60 minutes prior . People will simply click on the link and join the Tournament
To play a few games the duration will be a minimum of 3 hours , but at a leisurely pace
If people have any questions on how to do it , we can send a Document that explains in simple terms what to do , they can request via Phil Holden , he will send it .
If the event gets really busy we could switch it to some kind of Team Events where participants join new Teams set up or existing teams
When – Fridays   2pm   weekly 
What – 20 mins  + 10 sec increment , duration 3 hours
Platform –
Organiser – Phil Holden Wimborne Chess Club
Eligibility  –  Dorset Clubs Under 110 ECF grade only – will consider expanding out of Dorset depending on response , will allow non  ECF registered Juniors to join
I hope you can circulate this to interested parties within your clubs . We have no idea of possible numbers  interested , all we understand is we have 3-4 players who are not suited to Blitz and prefer longer games and are ECF grade 110 or under
Thank you in advance
Best Regards

Graham Hillman

Wimborne Chess Club

July 1, 2020