Sad news of Christine Fuller

On Sunday 31st January 2021, Christine FULLER lost her brave battle with Pancreatic Cancer, passing away peacefully and free of pain, at home (a very specific requirement!), and with her family.

Being of Irish descent, the local phrase ‘It Was a Good Death’, seemed appropriate within the context of how deeply unfair life can be; I prefer ‘Too ******* Young’.

Christine was the inspiration for our family (which also means that she told us all what to do) and she was pleased to see her two sons, and their partners, well set for their lives ahead, with the added bonus of a lovely grandson.

We spent the last year together doing fun things and being secretly pleased that the pandemic allowed us to be perfectly antisocial and therefore enjoy each other’s company to the full.

I was continually amazed at how wonderful the NHS and supporting charitable services were to Christine, everyone to a person treating Christine as their own sister or mother and with such care.

Lost: one soul mate, irreplaceable.

Dave Fuller x

The whole of Poole chess club joined together wishing all our kind thoughts to David and his family at this very difficult time.

The club have organised the sending of the below flower decoration and the bereavement card signed on behalf of all our club members.

Eric Sachs



February 7, 2021